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Before I share my testimonial allow me to share my story. I am a self-employed Kenyan-Asian in my mid-thirties married for 5 years with a beautiful baby boy. My journey with Krishma and Vijaybhai started when my marriage had hit rock bottom. I was at a place of sub-zero morale, i questioned and doubted everything and everyone around me, had a constant sense of resentment and violence towards people, especially my wife. I forced myself to the first session as I was an adamant non-believer in 'talking to people' to sort your issues. During my first session, surprisingly I broke down in tears - expect this! this is totally normal and perhaps the first opening towards finding what you need to know. 

As the sessions progressed, you learn more and more about yourself and your past. What goes on during the session is strictly confidential however you will feel a sense of betterment after each session. Expect to find answers to question you will never ask yourself outside and beyond the sessions taking place. You will learn to appreciate and let go at the same time. Do your homework consistently and the results will come. 

Today things are so much better between my wife and I.  Things are not the way they used to be simply because there is clarity between us with a sense of understanding each other in a better way.  i was fortunate enough that my wife also did the sessions simultaneously with me during different hours. If you are couple going through some problems, i strongly recommend both to do sessions. if your spouse does not agree to do the sessions, it will still be worthwhile for you carryon alone, with time your spouse will see the change in you. 

If you are considering the sessions with Krishma and Vijaybhai, go for it. We all need to be re-wired at some point

Anonymous Past Client

To be honest in the beginning I was a little skeptical with the idea of going to therapy to unlock something that's holding me back in the present. However as I went in for my very first session I realised there and then that this is what I've needed for a very long time, without realising that over the years I had  held on to things, incidents and people that I needed to just let go of. My experience was amazing it allowed me to see myself in a new light. The session changed my life. I can't be thankful enough to the individuals who helped me through the journey. For any one who is hesitant or unsure I can tell you from my experience that I went is as one person and I came out as another, stronger and more confident. Have faith and take a leap ,your life will change

Anonymous Past Client

I had a debilitating unexplained pain in my left ankle post a trip overseas. All had gone well, I was seated in the aircraft for a short two hour journey. When I got up to deplane, the pain appeared and over the next few days turned into something so debilitating that I could not even walk without a terrible limp. Because of the strain caused by limping walking was out of question and I became dependant  on swimming to get any exercise at all. Several visits to podiatrists, sports injury doctors, chiropractors,  orthopedic surgeons, accupressurist, accupuncturist, etc did not make an inch of a difference. The pain stemmed from deep within the ankle that simply nothing was able to treat. It left me feeling extremely helpless. A podiatrist made special insoles for me to support my ankle and they helped as long as I wore them. Months turned into a year and a half but my condition did not improve at all. Krishma at ireset, a therapist immediately offered to help. she spoke about the power of genetic memory, nuerolinguistic  programming (NLP)

What happened thereafter is something I don't understand well enough. But in her own composed and logical style, she reprogrammed something in my brain. After the session when I tried to put pressure on my foot I found that the pain was almost 80% gone! What the innumerable doctors, steroid injections etc etc had not been able to treat, Krishma had done it in 2/3 hours!! she empowered me with a technique to train my own mind and get rid of the remaining 20pc. This was not only practical but also helped me change the way I deal with all situations now. My foot is completely healed and today I can walk, run, dance, jump once again all thanks to Krishma's total command over her skills, her empathy and focused dedication to ensure I got the tools I needed to heal

Anonymous Past Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ireset therapy a medical procedure?

No. reset is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do not ignore any medical advice/treatment protocols. If you think you may have a medical condition please consult your physician immediately.

Is ireset therapy painful?

Our therapy is painless and holistic. We make sure to only rebalance and align your mind, body and spirit. 

Is ireset a substitute for medical treatment?

Absolutely not. Our therapy is complementary in nature to medical treatment. It is not only for the sick, anyone can reap benefits from ireset. 

Our therapy helps you

Somatic conditions

Abdominal pain, chest pain, 

Nausea, Fatigue, Back ache

Chronic pain

Precise treatment

 Our cells vibrate  giving off important information as to how to best heal ourselves, ireset uses energy and informational leads from one’s body systems, to customize individual therapy. 


Our therapy is non-invasive and often requires just a few sessions with favourable results,  targeting the root causes of the symptoms within the information and energy fields of the person.

We support you

ireset not only promote healing but also empowers the client with a sense of awareness and self-help tools thus taking away future dependency on therapists.

Better life

Choose ireset to help you bring about the desired transformational changes in your life and well-being.