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brain dna

Explore the benefits and techniques for developing and balancing the body’s elements, taming runaway emotions and reactivity; even spiritual illumination.

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Cultivate inner peace through meditation: Learn to be present, center your body and mind,  connect with the world around you, and shift into awareness of the self.

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energy therapy
Energy Therapy

Learn more about masters who help others heal the emotional energy body of their spiritual beings to manifest physical healing.

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Explore tools for natural stress relief and self-care during these stressful times. "If the problem can be solved, why worry? worrying will do you no good." ~Śāntideva

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healthy diet

An intentional, healthy diet can improve mood, enhance spiritual practice — possibly even enhance longevity and reverse disease.

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Fire up and move stress out of your body. Start with breathwork and powerful hasta mudras (hand gestures) to move stuck energy out of your system.

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Thoughts, Neurotransmitters, Body-Mind Connection

The body-mind connection is a concept fundamental to many belief systems. What it postulates is that the body and mind mutually influence one another in a bi-directional fashion. In other words, biological processes affect thoughts and feelings, and cognitions affect body states.

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Psychosomatic Disorders

Psychosomatic means mind (psyche) and body (soma). A psychosomatic disorder is a disease that involves both mind and body. Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to being made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. Your mental state can affect how bad a physical disease is at any given time....

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Preface to Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy

Perhaps as many as five millennia have passed since the idea emerged throughout the globe, but especially in India and China, that our bodies possess energy systems of utmost relevance to our health and consciousness. We can only speculate as to how these inspirations arose, but increasing evidence abounds that the ancients were correct. This and related understandings gave birth to meridian and chakra therapies, yoga, and more.

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