We are certified partners of jump! Movementa simple and accessible method of conversation that moves people in the direction of their own or a collective ambition. You can think of movement in the context of your personal life, of organizations, or of social trajectories. Jump Movement discovered in its many years of experience with teams in companies that involvement and attention are the most important conditions for seeing intrinsically motivated and sustainable movement in employees. The Jump Movement method* is one that is 100% based on that. 
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Medivenue is an ISO-certified Healthcare assistance company based in India. It offers Teleconsultation and Medical Value Travel services through its partner network of over 50 hospitals across India. It has served over 60,000 patients till now for over 300 medical conditions.
 Contact - B14, 8th Floor, Emaar Emerald Plaza, Golf Course Extn Road, Sec 65, Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR, Phone: +91 8178 688 392 (WhatsApp)
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